Osmeo Leachate Treatment and Management Solution

Osmeo treatment process

Landfill Leachate Treatment

The optimized Osmeo leachate treatment and management process includes several stages of filtration and a final treatment by Reverse Osmosis. The membranes will filtered the leachate and purify it from the dissolved solids. Only the H20 molecules will go through the membranes.
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How Reverse Osmosis Works
Reverse Osmosis is the smallest filtration mesh through membrane on market, it separates the molecule H2O from any other particles/contaminant :
- Ultrafiltration (bacteria) (µm)
- Nanofiltration (Virus) (nm)
- RO (salts) (<1 nm)

- Convert your leachate into water
- On site turnkey treatment solution with container that can be installed and can be used as a mobile unit for different sites
- 70% of leachate is converted into recycled water

- Pumping raft
- Active carbon filter on leachates tank
- High pressure gun
- H2S sensor
- Stripping for permeate
- Remote supervision
- Heater
- Chemical storage
- External light
- High pressure pump noise cabinet
- In line pH, conductivity, flow rate, measurement on client line.
- Automatic back wash
Electrical power 25 HP to 60 HP
Range of capacity (gpd) Raw Leachates 5,200 -10,500 -21,000 -31,000 -63,000 in container 40'
Unlimited capacity for in building installation
Filtration stages from 1 to 3
Filtration pressure 1,000 PSI
Conversion ratio 75 % on leachates Conductivity 10 000 µSm
Installation In container 40' or in building
Control panel Fully automated
(PLC and many measuring devices and sampling points)
Remote monitoring

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